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Kepithor Studios

    Trading Card Game    

Choose your deck, conquer faction campaigns, explore dungeons for rewards, and revel in the glory of PvP.


Use your character cards in battles and collect more as you vanquish your foes.
Combine your character cards to create higher level cards.
Each level increases your characters stats;
Attack Power, Hit Points, Ability Power and even sometimes unlocking new abilities.

Two level 1 cards make one level 2 card,
Two level 2 cards make one level 3 card,
Two level 3 cards make one level 4 card,
and so on.


Each race boasts it's own campaign.
Progress through the campaigns to learn character abilities and collect character cards as you go.
Unlock multiplayer dungeons as you go;


Join your friends in 3 player dungeons to defeat powerful enemies.
Loot characters cards, heroes, hero equipment and in game currency.

Top difficulty dungeons drop enchanted coins, which can be used to upgrade the rarest of characters.

The fabled Catacombs is said to be home to a myriad of creatures and items from other worlds.

    Player vs Player    

Practice in unranked 1v1.
Climb to the top in ranked 1v1, prizes for weekly and monthly rankings.
2v2 unranked and ranked coming soon.
Keeps coming soon.
When you win you will get to take 1 card from your opponent at the end of the battle, so choose your deck wisely.
Legendary or limited (unique) cards will be excluded from this choice.

    Card Rarities    

Kingdom Karnage has character rarities, common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary.
Epic and Legendary used to mean something in game, they used to be hard to come by and a symbol of excellence. However over the years countless games have given in to the masses and rewarded everyone with everything for doing nothing. That is not the case in Kingdom Karnage. The true meaning of Legendary will be restored.

Epic and Legendary characters are so rare there are not enough for you to combine to acquire higher levels. To level up these scarce characters Enchanted Coins can be found in Top Tier Dungeons.


Kingdom Karnage is multi platform - all to be confirmed but all are planned or under consideration