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Ends Thursday 30th September

The Kingdom Karnage Character Ability competition has finished.

Here is your chance to get some Siphon Power cards, Saevus and the Soul Thief.
The Kingdom Karnage team will choose their favourite submission to win Saevus and all submissions that are adopted will be awarded 3 Soul Thieves.
The number of winners is not set, if we like 20 ideas, there will be 20 winners.
To keep things fair you are limited to 1 entry per person each day
Follow these steps to enter.

  Check the list of planned abilities below.
  Create a new ability not already listed.
  Post your ability on Twitter or on Facebook

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See your ideas used in a real game!@KepithorStudios is hosting a giveaway for players who submit suggestions for new character abilities in #KingdomKarnage

Full Details: https://t.co/RkUHJhUpvk

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— Kepithor Studios (@KepithorStudios) September 11, 2019

  Agile 1 => 25% chance to take no damage
  Armor 1 => Reduces physical damage taken by 1
  Armor 2 => Reduces physical damage taken by 2
  Armor 3 => Reduces physical damage taken by 3
  Aggressive => Deals 200% damage on first attack
  Berserk => Attack increases when taking damage
  Cleave => Attacks 1x3 area
  Devotion => When healing gains +1 HP
  Eager => 50% chance to be in first 5 cards drawn
  Empower => Killing blows increase attack power by the attack power of the victim
  Fanatic => Attack increases when dealing damage
  Flying => Can move over none flying characters
  Freeze => Attacks immobilize target for 1 turn
  Guard => Attacks rearmost targets first
  Guardian => Takes damage in place of hero
  Malicious => Attacks enemy creatures directly behind for 200% damage
  Penetrate => Attacks target and character or hero behind the target
  Pious => Damage cannot be reduced
  Range 3 => Can attack 3 squares away
  Resistance 1 => Reduces magical damage taken by 1
  Resistance 2 => Reduces magical damage taken by 2
  Resistance 3 => Reduces magical damage taken by 3
  Retribution => Attacks after being hit if in range
  Rush => Advances when able
  Shock => Attacks stun target
  Siphon Power => Steals 1 Attack Power from target when dealing damage
  Spear => Deals 150% damage to cavalry
  Speed 3 => Can move 3 squares each turn
  Speed 4 => Can move 4 squares each turn
  Triage 1 => Heals most damaged ally by 1
  Triage 2 => Heals most damaged ally by 2
  Triage 3 => Heals most damaged ally by 3
  Undying 1 => On death 25% chance to resurrect
  Warden => Damage dealt heals hero
  Zeal => When healing gains +1/+1

Soul Thief

Level 1

Damage: 1
Health: 1
Speed: 2

Siphon Power

Total Supply: Infinite
Circulating Supply: 1040
Drop Chance: 1%

Does not drop in demo


Level 1

Damage: 1
Health: 2
Speed: 2

Range 3
Siphon Power

Total Supply: Infinite
Circulating Supply: 734
Drop Chance: 0.01%

Does not drop in demo


The winner of Saevus is currently being voted for in Telegram:

All of the following win Soul Thieves:

  Death's Door - When at 1 HP, 50% chance to take no damage - @BillySaurus42
  Fury - Attacks two times - @Konrad81761455
  Knockback - Knocks back target 1 space - @HYPERTR0PHIED
  Swap - Swaps place with lowest HP ally - @ezekiel_ng & @MWMaehlisen
  Recoil - Deals no damage, returns target to players deck - @BillySaurus42
  Backlash - When killed returns 50% of damage to attacker - @crytpogames3
  Hubris - Takes all damage dealt in place of allies and enemies - @mrodcc
  Lane Switcher - Switches lanes before moving if able to - @Nhinestreams
  Poison - Attacks poison the target dealing X damage per turn - @mapl3sn0w
  Fear - Attacks reduce targets damage by X - @BillySaurus42
  Incite Madness - 25% chance to make target attack a random target in range - @mapl3sn0w
  Reflect - Reflects X% of incoming magic damage back to attacker - @BillySaurus42
  Joker - When played clones a random character on the battlefield - @abhishekvora777
  Riposte - Reflects X% of incoming melee damage back to attacker - @BillySaurus42
  Disengage - Moves backwards after attacking - @zero1zero
  Regeneration - Regenerates X hp each turn - @Sirokkos
  Vampiric - Damage dealt restores hp - @Sirokkos
  Resolute - When in last lines of defence gain +X/+X - @Sirokkos
  Blood Brother - Gives all allies of the same race +1/+1 - @Sirokkos
  Hero - Deals 200% damage if target has more attack power - @Sirokkos