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Player vs Player

Kingdom Karnage is a free to play Trading Card Game with animated turn based combat. 2 versions are available when logging in, a normal style game and a blockchain version with items backed by cryptocurrency.


Kingdom Karnage features multiple single player campaigns.
Battle your way through a campaign dedicated to each race (Human, Undead, Orc and more) collecting cards of that race as you go.
Each campaign needs to be completed in sequence, completing one unlocks the next.
Various campaign missions additionally unlock single player and multiplayer dungeons.


Fight in Dungeons multiple times to master them. Don't wait to enter, some are accessible for limited times including special event Dungeons. Check our Blog pages regularly for more information.
Complete Dungeons with others in Multiplayer mode to unlock even greater treasures.

Game Play

At the start of each game 3 cards are drawn from your deck.

Cards have a countdown shown in the top left corner.
Each turn the countdown on the cards decreases by 1.
When a cards countdown is at 0 it can be played.

Select a card to play on to the battlefield, green squares highlight where you are allowed to play the character. Yellow squares show where the character will move to. Red squares show where the character will attack.

The first number on an animated character shows the characters attack, the second number shows the characters health points.
At the end of your turn your characters on the battlefield march forward and attack enemy characters in range. When your characters are in range of the enemy Hero and no enemy characters are in the way your characters will attack the enemy Hero. The first players to kill the opposing Hero wins.

Player vs Player

Once you have a full deck of 30 cards you will be able to play against other players.
Practice in casual matches, or fight your way to the top in the ranked ladders.
Unlock prizes as you climb through the ranks.
PvP modes will include 1v1, 2v2 and the ultimate challenge - Keeps - yes play for keeps.
When you win you will get to take 1 card from your opponent at the end of the battle, so choose your deck wisely.
Legendary or limited (unique) cards will be excluded from this choice.

Human Rogue    Human Hunter    Human Priest
Melee Attack.    Ranged Attack.    Magic Attack.


On completing campaign missions and dungeons you will be awarded cards, items, and more.
When you have cards that are the same you can combine them to create a higher level version of that card with increased power.

Collect weapons and armor to boost your character.

Some cards will be unique, soo rare that you won't be able to get enough to level them. In order to keep them viable to keep in your deck, a special token will be collectable from end game multiplayer dungeons and events. These Enchanted Coins will act like wildcards and allow you to combine them with unique cards to level them up.

All items will be tradeable with other players.

Block Chain Items

Whilst palying the Enjin version all items in Kingdom Karnage are backed by Enjin Coin (ENJ) . Meaning every item you acquire within the game will be backed by a real value you can extract from the game and spend elsewhere. Previously spending money on games meant that you would see no return for that money other than some short lived joy in acquiring a new in-game item. Now you get the same joy with the added knowledge that you own that item, and can do many new things with it.

Enjin Coin Blockchain:

Melt items and receive their value straight to your Enjin Wallet.
Tradable via Enjin Marketplace and in future Kingdom Karnage Auction House.
Combining items will create items with a higher value.
You will be able to rent out items to other players for a fixed amount of time before the item automatically returns.
Grow tired of a game you are playing? Melt your items and spend the ENJ in your next game of choice.
ENJ backed items will show in your Enjin Wallet.

Enjin Multiverse

Enjin is connecting a network of games which utilise the Enjin Blockchain Technology creating a new way in which players can interact with games. Actions in 1 game will have an effect on your account in another game, even if you do not have that game yet. Multiverse Items are being created by Enjin and multiple game developers that are joining the multiverse, this is how it works:

Enjin confirms the creation of a Multiverse Item.
Each Multiverse Game releases its own version of that Multiverse Item.
Acquiring the Multiverse Item in any game adds it to your wallet, and is usable in other Multiverse Games.
Progression in 1 Multiverse Game will assist you in other games.

The Primythical Chest    The Aeonclipse Key
A prestigious chest only received by the most worthy. It's contents unkown.    A magical key foretold to do more than just unlock prestigious chests.